Saturday, October 14, 2006

College Football week 7 recap

I ended my pick post with the following:

The Missouri vs Texas A & M game is also interesting. I can remember (hey I grew up in Big 8 country) when Missouri was a very good football team. They were always competitive and used to give Oklahoma and Nebraska fits every year. Its good too see them having a good year, but I still aren't sold on them being a top 25 team, thus the 2 confidence level.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my backs take on that fierce team from SE Missouri. They better win this game by 20 or they can kiss that 17 ranking good bye.
Well, sure enough the Aggies outlasted the Tigers and another dropped from the list of unbeatens. Of course I would have been happy to have been wrong about this team since that was the only game I lost today. Still 9 and 1 is good enough for me.

Oh, yeah, the Razorbacks actually listened to me for once and wiped the SE Missouri off the field. Also, with Auburn beating Florida, (another unbeaten bites the dust) I look for Arkansas to move up a spot in the polls.

Later will have my NFL picks.

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