Sunday, October 01, 2006

Game 161 and other thoughts

Well, as far as I am concerned last nights game sums up the last third of the season. A 1 run game gets derailed by the inablility of Timlin to close the deal. At least the streak is over because when we wake up on Monday morning the Sox will be looking up at both the spankees and the jays.

Once again, the phrase through out New England will be "wait till next year".

College football was pretty good today. Watched most of the Florida Alabama game. No matter what the scoreboard shows this game was close. A late interception return for a TD finally put the game away. I really thought that Florida would win this one by a bigger margin. They had the revenge factor going for them, the hangover effect due to Alabama's choke last week against my beloved Razorbacks and the coach factor was in their favor also. They surprised me though as their defense came to play and the running game was solid. I now wouldn't be surprised if Bama went 5 and 2 the rest of the way to close with an 8 and 4 record.

I can't believe that I picked Utah to beat Boise State. I watched most of the first half of this game also ( I love PIP). Boise State is a lot better than I thought. Will be interesting to see how their season goes.

Still, all in all, I can't complain as I went 8 and 2 for the week. After 5 weeks (remember I'm not picking against the spread) the record stands at 40 and 10.

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