Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Playoffs and NFL Week 4 wrap up

Ugh, Green Bay started out alright then Philly brought out the stick and beat them senseless. Ugly! Still, 8 and 6 for the week and 35 and 25 for the year against the spread.

Baseball playoffs start today and my initial thoughts are Yankees in 4, Twins in 3, Dodgers in 4, and Padres in 5.

Update: added link to cardinals series.

The Hardball Times has a comprehensive breakdown of the Yankee series here. The Twins series is here. The cardinal series is here.

Firebrand has a playoff power ranking here.

Like I said I think Yankees, Twins, Dodgers and Padres move on in the first round. Second round I think will be the Dodgers and Yankees. With (gulp), the spankees winning it all.

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