Sunday, June 01, 2008

Red Sox 2008 Game 59 Recap


Press PassBox Score Play - by - PlayGame Recap
Boston 013 3 0 0 2 0 0 9 16 0
Baltimore 010 2 0 0 1 0 0 4 9 0

W: B. Colon (3-0) L: B. Buress (4-5)

HR ➢ Bos: M. Ramirez (11), M. Lowell (7), J.D. Drew (5) Bal: L. Scott (7)

☼ Sun - With a 9-4 result, where do you begin? Manny hitting his 501th? Lowell going back to back with Manny? J.D. Drew knocking in 3 runs? Dustin Pedroia, diving, barehanding and otherwise making web gems? How about all of the above?

☁ Cloud - Nothing for the Sox, but Baltimore's starting pitching has basically sucked so far this series.

Game thoughts!

Well that was an enjoyable game as the Sox brought out the bats and started hammering Burres. 3 home runs including a by Manny and Lowell. Yep, totally enjoyable.

Colon was good as he reached 100 pitches in the 7th and only allowed four earned runs. Best of all he only walked two while striking out 5. 3-0 for the big man with quick feet (just watch his pick off moves). Best of all his fastball is reaching the mid 90's. Right now this is the steal of the year by Theo.

Ellsbury stole another base but was also thrown out for the third time this year. Of course the three times he has been caught stealing are almost special. Just in case you've forgotten, it took a pitch out and a perfect throw, an over slide of the bag and today, a lefty made the perfect pitch and the catcher made a perfect throw to barely get him in the first.

Factoid - even at 14-19 so far on the road, the Sox are now 5-5-1 in road series. I will take that!!!

♊ - Morbid and creepifing I can handle as long as we do it quiet like.

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