Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Sox 2008 Game 73 Recap


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W: C. Hamels (7-4) L: B. Colon (4-2)
HR ➢ ➢ Bos: D. Pedroia (6), J.D. Drew (12) Phi: J. Rollins (6), R. Howard 2 (19)

☼ Sun - For the Sox nothing, absolutely nothing, unless you want to count the 1-2-3 inning thrown by Okajima.
☁ Cloud - Timlin - After the Sox had actually scored on
by Pedroia and Drew he came in and poured gasoline on the fire, 2/3 inning and 4 earned runs. Game over.

Game thoughts!

What can you say about this game? You know it could be a long night when three of the first four batters score thanks to a lead off home run and a laser shot to left by Howard with one runner on. Still, I thought that Bartolo settled down after that and he looked fairly good. Unfortunately he gave up another home run to Howard (this time a solo shot) and then hurt his back while swinging at the plate. Enter Timlin and good night, see you tomorrow. In other words Timlin sucked.

Bright spots for this game would be Pedroia going 3 for 4; maybe his slump is finally ending. We will have a better idea of that after tonight’s game though.

Factoid - After last night the Sox are now 6-4 since the beginning of the 2002 season at Philadelphia with a 5.18 ERA. The wins are good, but that ERA is horrible.

♊ - Then don't strain your brain trying. Might break something..

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