Saturday, May 19, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 42

AL East Standings

New York182210.54-62218
Tampa Bay1823114-61625

Standings are as of 5:51 pm edt. Presently only the spankees are playing an are losing 7 to 2. If Sox win tonight and the spankees continue to lose then Sox will be up 11.5 games over the spankees.

The game 41 post has the previews, links and breakdowns. Smoltzie is dominant against the Sox. So I am not counting my chickens about another sweep yet. Plus its Hansack on the mound. Still a sweep would be sweeet!!! press pass is here.

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Peter N said...

Hello to you on this still dark and gloomy Sunday morning. And yes, yesterday was a thing of beauty and then ugliness. But we'll be fine. A tough Sunday match-up looms, but what, me worry? No, nope, never, not now, not at this point of season 2007. I enjoy your blog immensely.