Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 31 Recap



W: J. Beckett (7-0, 2.51); L: V. Zambrano (0-2, 10.97)
HR: BOS: M. Lowell (5), J. Varitek (3), K. Youkilis (3), D. Pedroia (1). TOR: A. Rios (6).
  • Hero - Josh Beckett - 7-5-1-1-1-5-1 nuff said
  • Goat - Zambrano for giving up 4 home runs in the first 3 innings.

The Red Sox score a run on Youkilis smashing a fast ball to center in the first giving Josh his first lead of the night. Then Alex Rios steps up to the plate and on the first pitch to him its a tie game as he crushes one. Lind then doubles and I am seeing the ghosts of Beckett past dancing in my head.

That is where they stayed. After the first two batters Josh was magnificent and the only reason he didn't pitch the 8th was because Tito said, "Josh you been sitting here for a long time watching our offense tack on another run, I ain't sending you out there." It should be noted that he sat on the bench til the end.

Good game by the Sox, unfortunately, the Spankees also won as they beat up on their whipping boys, in the Bronx. Malphabet even got a hit or two. Daisuke vs Ohka, the fourth time(?) that two Japanese born pitchers have squared off.

The always informative press pass is here.

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