Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 38 Recap



W: J. Verlander (4-1, 2.76); L: T. Wakefield (4-4, 2.41)
HR: DET: M. Ordonez (8), B. Inge (6). BOS: K. Youkilis (4).

Hero - Magglio Ordonez
Goat - Hate to say it but it has to go to Tim Wakefield

Idle thoughts

Justin Verlander was wheeling and dealing after the first inning. Three singles in the first to allow a run and then it was one zero after another until Youkilis hit a home run in the bottom of the eighth. Of course by that time the game was pretty much out of reach.

For once this season the bullpen came in and was unable to keep the score close. After the first walk of the game from Wakefield to start the eighth, Donnelly came in to pitch. After retiring Ordonez and Guillen a rbi double by Rodriguez (lame throw by Manny), followed by a rbi single (even weaker throw by Manny) from Monroe, followed by a rbi single by Casey and it was 7 to 1. Thankfully, Snyder was able to strike out Inge, to end the inning.

I'm beginning to think that Manny is not going to get on a hot streak. After his first at bat he looked terrible at the plate and if Manny really cared he might do something different like slide into first base and be safe in the ninth!

Sox need to win the next two games to win this series. That is all I want them to do, just keep on winning series.

Tavarez tomorrow night vs Maroth.

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