Sunday, May 06, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 30 Recap



W: C. Schilling (4-1, 3.28); L: S. Ponson (2-4, 6.42); SV: J. Papelbon (10)
HR: None.

  • Hero - Hideki Okajima
  • Goat - None - but only because Pedroia / Cora run in the first wasn't needed.

Sox go to 20-10, the same record after 30 games as in '71, '86, '94, and 2003.


Lots of things happened in this game. Looking at my game notes I have a few questions and observations:

  • Is Coco tipping his steals? Remy thinks so and so does Macha.
  • Do me a favor, I know it took a perfect throw from the relay man to get Papi, but Demarlo you are giving me a heart attack when you send him on close plays. Have you seen how Papi slides? Every time he goes into one I see a knee injury coming.
  • 2nd inning and Lowell, Tek and Hinske go by way of the K, against Ponson?
  • Am starting to get nervous every time Schilling gets to the 82 - 86 pitch level.
  • Schilling is now 3 - 0 after a Sox loss.
  • Sox are 4 - 0 on Sunday's.
  • 4 runs or less the Sox are 5 - 10. (1 - 6 less than 3)
  • Pedroia and Drew appear to be coming out of their slumps just as Lugo is going into one.
  • Now that the spankees have Clemens, who has the better Pitching? I think you can say that Schilling and Beckett are no worse than the Yankee 1 & 2. Daisuke is not as good as their number 3 and Wakefield is equal to their #4. 5th starter is a toss up for the Year but Tavarez is better than Rasner / Hughes. Call it a draw.
  • Thank God for Okajima.

All for now. Chow!

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