Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 32 Recap



W: D. Matsuzaka (4-2, 4.80); L: T. Ohka (2-4, 5.53)
HR: BOS: D. Ortiz (9), M. Lowell (6), M. Ramirez (6), J. Lugo (2). TOR: L. Overbay 2 (5).
  • Hero - Daisuke Matsuzaka
  • Goat - Tomo Ohka

Idle thoughts

Daisuke's curve ball seemed to have a bigger bite to it tonight. I know that sinker ball pitchers prefer to be a little tired when they pitch, since it helps them keep the ball low, but I never heard it being good for the curve. Then again what do I know? Still, if he continues to pitch like tonight he will be alright.

9 runs first game, 9 runs tonight, for Wakefield they will score what? If we are lucky they will give him at least 3 runs, however more likely they won't give him over 1 while he is in the game. Since his knuckler seems to do better in domes, lets pray for rain in Toronto.

Bases loaded, 2 outs, first inning, if you are the Blue Jays the perfect person was up to bat. Jason Varitek sucks with bases loaded, going into the game he was 34 / 153 for a .222 BA his lowest with any men on base. Surprisingly he is 39 / 114 with men on 1st and 3rd.

While Drew went 0 for 3 tonight he still walked twice. Sooner or later (hopefully its sooner), the man will start to hit the ball.

This is the worst stretch for the Jays since they lost 9 straight in 2002. Currently they are at 8 losses in a row.

After 32 games the Sox have scored 168 runs and allowed 110. Before the game Sox were 4th in runs scored and had allowed the fewest runs in the American League.

I have been keeping a record of the opponents records prior to each game. If the team was over 500 at the time of the game I have been counting it as a 500 game. Example games 12 - 13, in Toronto, the Blue Jays were over 500 for all three of those games. Since the Sox went 2 and 1 that counted as 2 wins against winning teams. The other four games the Jays were less than 500 and are counted in that category.

The Sox are 17 and 4 against winning teams, and 5 and 6 against losing teams. The Yankees on the other hand are 9 and 9 vs winners and 7 and 7 vs losing teams.

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