Saturday, May 12, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 35 Recap


W: J. Lopez (1-0, 0.00); L: J. Leicester (0-1, 21.60) HR: None.
  • Hero - Lopez
  • Goat - Traschel
    UPDATE: fixed hero and goat

Idle thoughts

Schilling gets another no decision, his third of the year. Out of 35 games this is only the 5th no decision for the starting pitchers. His first no decision was due to the Sox coming from behind to win (vs Yankees on 4/20), the second one was a blown save by Papelbon in the ninth. This last no decision continues the pattern of win - nd - win - nd -win - nd.

Today was the shortest outing since opening day for Schilling. After the turmoil created by his comments this week on Bonds, get ready for the "Instead of flapping your lips, you should be concetrating on pitching" comments. It is going to come, just watch.

Lopez looked good in his 1 inning. You really can't blame him for giving up the run that tied the game. Very few people are going to get two outs without the run scoring in a bases loaded situation.

Donnelly on the other hand did not look good. 1b by Tejada and HBP (Hernandez).
Hero continued his stellar performance by getting a K (very big since Tejada stole third), and followed with an inning ending ground ball to Lowell. He started the eighth with the first two batters reaching but a double play and another ground ball (this time to Lugo) meant a 1 2/3 inning appearance with no runs allowed. Truly a hero in the dark.

Thanks to 11 batters in the bottom of the eighth, the game really did become a blow out, but Papel-bot needed the work. K, F7, 1b and line out to Lowell. Good enough for me after a week layoff for the bot.

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