Monday, May 21, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 44 Recap


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W: C. Wang (3-3, 4.28); L: T. Wakefield (4-5, 3.14)
HR: NYY: A. Rodriguez (18), J. Giambi (6).

  • Hero - Chien Ming Wang (season high and career high vs Sox for K's)
  • Goat - Wakefield for home runs to A-rod and G-Roid.

Idle thoughts

Well, you knew it was going to be a long night when J.D. Drew failed to deliver with men on 1st and 2nd with two outs. Of course, my question was what the hell was J.D. doing playing when you have some one on the bench who owns Wang (Hinske 10-16). Of course, this being the Yankees they immediately struck back when A-rod deposited a non-knuckling knuckler in to the left field stands with Damon on board.

This team sucks with men in scoring position. Well, actually it just appears that way. A quick check at Baseball Musings shows the sox hitting .298 RISP (117 for 392).

Its time to admit it, they should have traded Manny in the off season. The man can not catch up with the fast ball any more. He also doesn't swing the bat on the third strike. .229 RISP with 9 K's. That is in 49 AB's.

J.D. Drew is officially a bust. .257 RISP, .143 less than 2 outs man on third.

Who is Brian Bruney? After his wild throw in the eighth, the Yankees answer to Baez of the Orioles? Of course I could see him rushing his throw if the batter had been any one but the lumbering Doug Mirabelli.

Tell me again why we let Alex Gonzalez leave. For someone who is supposed to be better offensively, Lugo is pretty much stinking up the place.

I would be willing to let this game be a non-factor, but this is the type of game where the Yankees get their swagger back. Tomorrow we have Tavarez going, which is probably another game where they get their swagger back. Press pass is here.


chumly said...

How long will Boston hold on?

s1c said...

A lot of season left, but I think the Sox will hold on, as long as they don't miss too many games with their starters. Health at this stage is always the issue.