Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 51 Recap



W: J. Beckett (8-0, 2.65); L: J. Sowers (1-5, 6.29); SV: H. Okajima (4)
HR: BOS: K. Youkilis (8), J. Varitek (5).

► Hero - Youkilis for his 9th straight multiple hit game
► Goat - Cabrera who increased the Sox lead from 2 runs to 4 runs by walking 3.

Game thoughts

Not a lot to say about this game. A solid outing by all invovled from Youkilis, to Beckett, to Donnelly, to Lopez and to Okajima.

Youkilis continues to be lights out with the bat and steady with the glove. Beckett had a little bad luck in the seventh as Drew got a bad hop in the outfield that lead to the triple. No triple right there and we would be talking about a shut out tonight. Oh, yeah, the spankees lost thanks in part to a steal of home by Adam lind. UPDATE: correction Aaron Hill stole home Adam Lind scored the winning run.

14.5 games ahead of the spankees! I think I have seen that lead before.

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