Sunday, May 20, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 43 Recap



W: K. Gabbard (1-0, 3.60); L: T. Hudson (5-2, 2.42)
HR: BOS: K. Youkilis (6).
  • Hero - Kason Gabbard and Jason Varitek
  • Goat - Tim Hudson

Idle thoughts

Well, as I said in the preview, the Sox own Hudson, so I am not surprised by the shellacking that the sox put on him in the first inning.

Varitek this year is now 2 for 9 in bases loaded situations. Both hits came in this homestand a double on mothers day and the triple today. Way to go captain.

K Gabbard surprised me, I really thought that last year was kind of a fluke for him, but he seems to have the goods. If he continues on this path I can see next years rotation being Beckett, Lester, Matsuzaka, Gabbard and Wakefield. Give me two good left handers in the rotation and you stand a real good chance in the AL East.

Youkilis is smoking hot! I have a dream, Lugo and Youkilis setting the plate in the Bronx and Big Papi, Manny and Drew bringing them home.

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