Saturday, April 14, 2007

Introducing Tito's Corner

At PLLS we are always looking to help the Sox become a better team. So, today we introduce a new category here at PLLS - Tito's Corner. This will be the label I place on those posts where I think Tito needs some help or if he has done a good job.

I have been looking at some numbers, lets compare a couple of players, both of them young players, at a couple of different places in the batting order. The numbers are their career numbers when batting in certain spots of the line up.

Player B523163384146340678.312.357.480
Player A103287052011171.272.356.485

Now take a look at those averages. Player A has a higher BA and OBA (slightly) while the slugging percentage is also really close to being identical.

Player A88276021319150.307.434.443
Player B192539173515275.276.327.443

In this situation player A is the one with a higher BA (31 points), has a 107 point higher OBA and they have the same slugging percentage.

So how should these players be batting in the order? Ready for some hints - Player A is Youkilis, player B is Coco. The first comparision is Coco and Youkilis's numbers batting in the 2nd slot of the line up. The 2nd comparison is batting in the 8 spot. It seems clear to me that you should be batting Coco 2nd in this lineup.

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