Saturday, April 28, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 23 Recap

Final - Boston 1 NYY 3

Hero - Kei Igawa - came in with almost no warm up and shut down the sox for six innings starting with a dp on Papi, the first batter he faced.

Goat - none, Lowell's errors didn't hurt the team, Posada hit a good pitch off his fists into the cheap seats and the last run was scored on a bloop that just landed fair and bounced into the stands.

Well, the Yankees finally get a win against the Sox and break the losing streak. Now they are 5.5 games back of the Sox.

Mariano gets his first save of the season with Cora standing on second and Papi on deck when he got Youkilis to pop up to Robinson Cano. The question is whether this will get the Yankees started on a long winning streak?

A quick look at their schedule shows a three game series in Texas and then a seven game home stand against Seattle (4) and Texas (3). Those are the type of teams that can make you look good. I wouldn't be surprised if they went 8 and 2 in the next ten games.

As for the Sox, well, they get two games against Oakland and one with Seattle in the Fens. After those three games they will have three in Minnesota and three in Toronto. 5 and 4 is probably a realistic number for those games as they will face tough pitchers in Minnesota including Santana (of course the spankees missed him when they went to Minnesota) and probably Chacin and Halladay in Toronto.

The Yankees are back in the AL East race with a win tomorrow.

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