Friday, April 27, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 22 Recap

Final Score - Bos 11 NYY 4

Hero - Lugo for his wild night at the plate and for shaking off his error and coming right back to get the Double Play.
Honorable mention - Daisuke Matsuzaka - After giving up the lead on 4 runs in the 4th coming out and shutting down the spankees in the 5th and 6th.

Goat - Pettitte - If you get four runs from your teamates which puts you into the lead you can't come back out and give up three runs and surrender the lead.

Good to see that Coco was not affected by the lay off last night. Here's hoping he does the same or better today.

Pedroia looked more comfortable at the plate last night and cranked out a solid double in the 8th. Keep it up kid.

Daisuke looked better than the last time he faced the spankees, but he has to start solving his second time through the batting order problems. Once he gets that solved we can then expect him to be a dominant pitcher every time out.

As I have said / commented at other sites, I will count the spankees out when they are buried with the wooden stake sticking out of the grave so that we can drive it in every once in awhile to make sure they stay dead. This offense is too good to be struggling as much as they are.

So, I didn't need those six reasons to be worried, except I can pretty much move them to game 23 worries. However, I did hit on a couple of the why the Sox will win points.

Papi and Lugo both had big hits, though Manny is continuing to struggle. The spankee bullpen imploded again as Pettitte couldn't get through five innings. Daisuke did pitch better but still has to work on getting through the second time of the line - up better. Drew and Papi however did not pull one down the right field line. Oh, well!

Game 23 preview up later.

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