Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 7

Final score Boston 14 - Mariners - 3

Beckett comes out scorching retiring the first six Mariners he faced while the Home team put a 4 on the scoreboard in the first, followed by a 3 in the second. Josh throws 84 pitches - 61 for strikes in 7 innings allowing 2 hits (back to back in the 3rd), while striking out 8 and walking none. An excellent outing by the Texan.

Wondering about that dust up in the 8th? From the Globe's blog we find this story from 2005.

A good introduction to the fans by J.D. Drew - who went 1 - 2 with 3 rbi's including a Home run to center field in the second (NESN's play of the game) with Kevin Youkilis on second. All in all a good game by the home team. I just hope they saved a few runs for the next two games.

No press pass posted yet but I am sure one will be posted here.

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