Friday, April 20, 2007

Red Sox 07 game 15 in game posting

In game thoughts -

Top 1st-

  • 0-2 Damon, foul ball, 4-3 ground out. Looks like good movement on FB.
  • 0-0 Jeter pops up first pitch to Lowell
  • 1-1 Abreu sends Coco to the deep part of the park. 8 pitches and Schilling is done

B 1st -

  • Lugo down 0-2 and grounds out to Jeter
  • Ouch Youkilis hit on the hand on o-2 pitch
  • Papi, Pettitte wants no part of Big Papi.
  • ok, we have a hit batsman - 4 pitch walk and you swing at the 1st pitch for a 6-4-3 gdp?
  • Sometimes the greatest right handed hitter makes me puke.

T 2nd -

  • Hottest man alive 1-1 (foul) runs the count to 2 - 2 before hitting a bomb to Coco
  • Giambi hits the 1-2 pitch deep to Manny (is the wind blowing in?)
  • Posada hits the first pitch deep to Coco. I seem to be writing the word Coco a lot.

B 2nd -

  • J.D. Drew single to center
  • Of course Lowell hits the GDP on a change up.
  • Way to snap out of the slump Varitek

T 3rd -

  • 19th pitch is a ball to Cano
  • 3 - 0 to Cano who hits Curt pretty well, so he is nibbling a way. 3-1 pitch single to left
  • Cabrera stands in, wonder what his numbers are against the Sox. 2-0 pitch fouled off followed by single to center. Schill goes 2 -0 to two batters and they both get singles.
  • M alphabet lays down the sac bunt.
  • Sox killer JD steps in and we need the K. ugh, rbi for J.D. on the 1-1 pitch.
  • Schilling owns Jeter - and starts him off with a fast ball for a strike. 2-1 after missing with the FB. Jeter yaps on the called strike 2. Full count - come on Schill. groan a walk
  • Abreu owns Schilling hitting in the .370 range. He is one of the batters I highlighted because he does seem to have Schilling's numbers. (Matsuzaka disease, having a hard time finding the plate as he goes 2-1 to Abreu). Nice splitter there - and a K on the fifth pitch to Abreu.

B 3rd -

  • Coco and Pedroia make the automatic outs
  • Lugo - way to work the walk from the 0-2 count.
  • grrr - Youk just misses a hit down the 3b line.
  • Youk singles deep to short. Ok time for Big Papi
  • 1-1 to Papi, lets make him work but we need Papi to do something because Manny will blow it
  • Aaaargh into the shift, 2nd time in 3 innings we let him off the hook.

T 4th-

  • A - rod goes deep on the 0-1 pitch. 2 - 0 spankees. Schill is struggling
  • K for Giambi.
  • 2-2 to Posada - Posada owns Schilling almost .500 OBP. Double down the line ugly
  • Cano grounds to Youk on the first pitch.
  • Cabrera - remember his catch against Manny last year in NY to preserve the 2-1 yankee win. That was the start of the downfall in my mind. 59 pitches takes him to 1-2.

B 4th -

  • 6o pitches for Schilling - 42 in the last two innings, not good, looks like an early night for the bullpen. Title for game 15 post on 38 "I sucked"
  • ??? Posada is out of the game?
  • Great success against Pettitte but Manny continues his struggles against Left handers as he K's.
  • J.D. stands in, need a HR J.D., because nobody is going to knock you in buddy.
  • Pettitte is approaching 6o pitches as Abreu tries to steal a single from J.D.
  • Mr. Double play steps in.
  • Well no double play as J.D. is thrown out. Missed sign?
  • jeez - wall single for Lowell.
  • If this becomes a battle of bull pens, my money is on the spankees. Torre hasn't had a chance to burn them out yet.
  • Tek goes deep - yippee as we tie the game up.
  • Coco - keep it going buddy - Full count, watch for the curve ball. ooh, cutter. Well, so, much for that as he ground out to jetes.

T 5th -

  • Both pitchers have faced 17 batters. Not great pitching but of equal value as the 2 - 2 score shows.
  • Doug M- jeez full count to M alphabet? whew - Coco is getting his moneys worth in CF.
  • 1-2 to mr. I'll never play for NY unless they pay me a ton of money. KKK
  • Jetes gets a single (2 - 1 or 2 - 0 or 3 - 0 counts have hits or a walk). Schilling is really struggling.
  • Marsh stay behind the plate - and call a d*** strike will you.
  • 2-0 goes for a single - grrr.
  • Since the second it seems like Schill has constantly been behind the hitters.
  • aaaghhhh 3 run homer on a 2 - 1 pitch.
  • Giambi follows with a single
  • Christ that did it, its time to pull Schilling. He's done

B 5th -

  • Well what did you expect 1-2-3 inning.
  • Anemic offense again tonight which will continue until they move Coco to the 2nd spot.

T 6th -

  • 3 pitches 2 outs
  • gets dougie m on a ground out - seven pitches and that takes him to 94?

B 6th -

  • Papi, should of taken one for the team there bub.
  • see, ground out to first.
  • another 1st pitch swing by Manny for an out, let us make it easy for him ok boys.
  • J.D. hits another single, well at least someone came ready to hit.
  • Last out Lowell strikes again. Does Schilling start the seventh?

T 7th -

  • Schilling starts the inning with 93 pitches. Not sure this is a good move.
  • Romero getting up to face Abreu?
  • KKKK for damon.
  • Nice play by Julio - to get jetes
  • K on Abreu - over 100 pitches for Schilling so let's hope this is it.

To paraphrase the Dunkin Dougnuts - time to get ready for work. An OK outing by Schilling, but I was really expecting better from him. Should be interesting to see the 38 pitch entry.


MikeT9485 said...

Schill hasn't hit his spots all year. I think the most negative question that he answered in his last Q & A was the one about pitchers throwing to the opposite side that the catcher sets up on. In all of his starts thus far he's rarely hit Tek's targets, which is not a good sign. He seems to be getting lucky and I think he knows it. Hopefully he can turn it around some time soon though. Here's to a great win!


MikeT9485 said...

And by rarely I mean maybe 50% of the time, but I haven't paid that close attention.

s1c said...

He has missed a lot of his spots this year. Am working on a couple of things that might be interesting. I have been charting his pitch counts / results the last 3 games. What I have been looking at is the three pitch count per batter, ie did he go 2-1 on a hitter what was the result. Tonight it seems like every batter that he was 2 - 1 or worse on got a hit or walk. Last 2 games the result was more like 50 / 50 will post these results later this weekend.