Thursday, April 05, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 2

The Sox garner their first win of the season behind 5 solid innings of pitching by Beckett. If I had a complaint about his performance it would be to many walks (4 in 5 innings) doesn't cut it with me. However, since he only gave up the two hits that is ok. I also agree with the Joy of Sox commenter who thought he was getting squeezed.

Biggest AB of the night - Lowell with men on 2 and 3 with two outs doubling down the line.

3 Errors for Lowell! Not sure who quoted him (I think it was the herald insider), but Lowell stated that the cold effects the fielders more than anything else in a game. The glove feels like ice, well, you called that one buddy.

Will have the game 3 preview up later.

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