Saturday, April 14, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 9

A close game that became a blow out after Papel-bot came in and went WOW. 4 pitches to Vlad for the K and then the line out to end the 8th with the game in the balance on his sixth pitch of the inning. Will have to look at the rules, but giving him an H in that situation is totally nutty. As far as I am concerned Papel-bot deserves a big S. Was good to see that the bats can make contact when Wakefield pitches.

Star of the game - Mirabelli as it was his Home Run in the 5th that tied the game and his rbi in the sixth put the game out of reach. Kudos's also go to Big Papi and Lowell for contributing 3 rbi's apeice.

Goat - Angel bull pen which did the melt down in the bottom of the 8th.

Glad to see that Timlin can throw an effective 9th with a 9 run lead.

Press pass for this game located here.

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