Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Red Sox 07 Recap Game 19

Final Score - Toronto 10 Boston 3

Hero - Halladay

Goat - Second night in a row Wily Mo Pena

Not much to say for the second night in a row the Sox got behind early and could never get over the hump. Mike Lowell hit a homer in the the 4th to get the team within 1 run only to have every thing fall apart in the sixth whem mr. cement glove struck to put the game completely out of reach, especially when its Halladay.

A totally disgusting game from a fan standpoint. Tomorrow a two game series starts with Baltimore at Camden yard. Both teams have lost two games in a row.

Press pass for this game is here.

Update: the only good thing about tonight is that Myers gave up a grand slam to crawford and the spankees lose.

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