Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 14

Final Score - Bos 5 Tor 3

Hero - Cora and Ramirez. Cora for the save on the double play throw from Timlin while getting killed by Overbay saving a 3 - 3 tie in the eighth inning followed by the one out triple in the ninth that put the Sox ahead. Manny because he went from goat (bases loaded 1 out DP) to hitting his first homer of the year to tie the game.

Goat - Manny would have had this locked up if the Jays hadn't have blown the game in the eighth and ninth or I should say would have tied with the Captain. Varitek has to get going or the bottom of the order is really going to look pathetic.

Of course part of the problem is that on weekday games I usually don't get to see the game. I have to make do with WTIC, and due to the in and out nature of the job, I usually don't get to listen to a whole inning. That was true today and Manny might have played much better than it sounded, but every time I got in the car it seemed that Manny just left a ton of players on base in a game where the starter was mowing down the order. Still, I will gladly take 1 for 4 days from Manny if he will promise to hit in the winning runs in the eighth or ninth innings.

I notice by looking at the box score that Coco went 2 for 4 again with a Sac Fly. Hmm, second game in the last three that Coco was not hitting in the bottom third of the order and he gets 2 hits. Is there a pattern there?

Not much else for rambling thoughts on this game. A good win for the boys and the way you want to leave a town on an abbreviated road trip, especially a town where you have had your lunch handed to you over the last two years.

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