Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red Sox 07 game 16 in game posting

In game thoughts of game 16, 2nd game yankees vs sox.

T 1st-

  • K of Melky, good start by Beckett.
  • 1b by Jetes
  • 5 pitch walk to Abreu not good, 2 on for hottest batter on the planet.
  • Oh yeah, baby the big K of A-Rod.
  • Give me a break, Giambi hits a seeing eye fly ball that just eludes a diving Drew. Spankees up 1 - 0.
  • 0-2 to Cano and whew, just missed having a seeing eye double down the line.
  • gets a seeing eye single when Youkilis fails to grab his ground ball, 2 - 0 spankees.

B 1st -

  • Lugo breaks his 0 - 12 with single into center.
  • Youkilis his 3rd hit in last 17 AB's is a double, way to start the bats, now comes big Papi
  • Wonder if Kastens is shaking.
  • 2 - 2 pitch and Papi ties it up by hitting one over Abreu's head. Papiiiiiii
  • No outs and Manny takes a pitch, yea! Pitching match up's favor boston Buck says, does he realize that this is the fricking yankees who are averaging a gazillion runs a game. Match ups mean nothing.
  • 3 - 2 pitch to Manny is - a fly ball to Abreu and Papi takes 3rd. Way to go Manny and Papi.
  • Nice curve by Karstens that just misses, good eye by Drew.
  • Ugly swing on the 3 - 2 but Drew stays alive. A terrific play by Cano, to nail Ortiz.
  • Does Drew goes on the 3rd pitch?
  • No Drew stays at first.
  • Last out Lowell strikes again.
  • Nuts Drew's failure to get the ball out of the infield hurts but it is now 2 - 2 going into the 2nd.

T 2nd -

  • Ugh - Beckett gives up the lead off double. Looks like the 9 + ERA Beckett has showed up so far today.
  • Nieves shows bunt? The way the Yankees own Beckett why would you bunt?
  • Posada is the most important Yankee?
  • Jeez, the Yankees are really bunting here, just doesn't make sense to me.
  • Jeez Lowell throws it away and now 2nd and 3rd with no outs.
  • 3 - 2 New York and still no outs.
  • Double Play but its now 4 - 2. No ribbie for jetes.
  • Lowell has to feel about 2 feet tall right now.
  • Abreu goes down on the K.

B 2nd-

  • Bunt hit by Coco, yea boy.
  • Bunt hit by Cora, yea boy.
  • Lugo coming up can we do three in a row?
  • Wild pitch, oooh, base hit ties the game.
  • Lugo gets the run home by grounding out to second.
  • Its up to Youk now. Yooooooook !!! He comes through with a single to left.
  • 4 - 4, yep its a Red Sox - Yankee slugfest now. First pitcher who sets down the side in order wins!!!
  • Big Papi, wonder if Karstens is shaking in his shoes?
  • Papi gives it a ride but Abreu makes the catch. OK Beckett, Let us see the new You, not the crappy You.

T 3rd -

  • A-rod at bats are getting the Barry Bonds treatment?
  • Lead off double by A-Rod. grrrrrr.
  • Giambi K's
  • Ground out
  • Pop out and Beckett gets out of the Jam, right now I'll take 3 in a row.

B 3rd -

  • Manny gives it a ride but its a long out.
  • Drew takes the walk.
  • Lowell has a chance to make up for the error, come on Mikey!!!
  • nope, will have to wait til the next at bat as he fly's out to left.
  • Line drive out to Abreu and the 3rd is the first inning where neither team scores.

T 4th -

  • Starts the 4th off with a K of Thompson. 4 in a row!!!!
  • Beckett scrambles off the mound on a dribbler and its 5 in a row!!!
  • Lowellllllllll and its a 1-2-3 inning.

B 4th -

  • Coco up first, another bunt?
  • nope, a flare, a dieing quail and then a stolen base for Coco!!!!
  • Sacrifice bunt by Cora. Man on 3rd and 1 out.
  • Lugo needs to get it out of the infield.
  • A jammed shot to Jetes and Red Sox lead 5 - 4. Yea boy!!!
  • Can Beckett hold the lead though with Jetes, Abreu and A-rod coming up in the 5th?
  • Youk walks to keep the inning going.
  • I would feel a lot more comfortable with some insurance runs c'mon Papi!
  • PAPPPPPPIIIIIIII goes deep around the pole.!!!!!!!
  • Quick stop over at Joy of Sox to say Papppiiiiii.
  • 7 - 4 and Manny coming up, back to back?
  • Nope, Manny flies out.

T 5th -

  • 96 mph fastball for strike one and then Jeter grounds out, 7 in a row!!
  • Abreu follows with a ground out 8 in a row!!!
  • A-Rod, can we get him out?
  • oooh, just inches foul on the first pitch or he would have had a lead off double.
  • 0-2 pitch is on the way and
  • Pop up to cora and its 9 in a row!!!!!

B 5th -

  • Drew, Lowell and Varitek coming up, lets add one or two more runs and then I can start to breathe normally.
  • Drew makes an out.
  • Lowell singles! Can we add another run here in the 5th?
  • Tek singles and now it's 1st and 3rd and 1 out. Coco coming up to bat.
  • Don't have a guy who can drive the ball, obvious that McCarver didn't see the Jays game on Thursday.
  • 3 - 1 pitch to Coco is popped up. Nuts.
  • Up to Cora to keep the inning going.
  • Cora battling as he fouls off another ball, and another ball (11 pitches), but Bruney wins the battle and the Sox strand a runner at 3rd.

T 6th -

  • Giambi goes down looking for the Sixth K for Beckett - 10 in a row!
  • Cano doubles and there goes the streak.
  • Doug Mientk.... comes up to the plate, can Beckett get back in the groove?
  • Doug hits a two hopper so now its 2 out.
  • Nice curve to Nieves for 0 - 2 and the next pitch ooooh so close, but the next is the called K. two in a row!

B 6th -

  • Lugo, Youkilis and Ortiz - can we get more runs?
  • 88 pitches for Beckett through 6.
  • Lugo leads off with a single to left
  • 3 - 2 pitch to Youkilis and Lugo goes with the pitch and Jeter can only get Youkilis at first base.
  • Pitching change for the spankees. Henn coming in.
  • Papi K's on a good pitch.
  • Manny Walks, need a hit by Drew
  • First swing and its hit to left but not off the wall. 2 more runners stranded. grrrr

T 7th -

  • Beckett is at 88 pitches, need a clean inning out of him so that the pen can come in clean.
  • 3 pitches and Nieves is down on a 4 - 3 grounder.
  • 2 pitches and Cabrera is down on a pop up to Lowell.
  • Jetes gets another hit. Here comes Abreu with A-Rod on deck.
  • This could be the game for Beckett right here.
  • Jeez, just like Schilling last night it seems like Beckett can't find the plate.
  • Full count - and he walks Abreu
  • Here comes Farrel so Beckett gets to face A-Rod. This could be the game right here.
  • 1-0, 1-1, 2-1 (low and away), and its a base hit as A-rod gets the rbi. Time for the pen as Giambi comes up.
  • No quality start for Beckett as Jeter scored the 4th earned run.
  • Okajima is now in the game - Hero in the Dark gets a chance to be the hero again.
  • oh baby a nice curve to take it 2-2. and he gets Giambi on a swing. Oh baby!!!!!

B 7th -

  • Another freaking warning track fly out by Lowell what is that today 15? 16? geez.
  • Varitek singles to left, can Coco help get the lead back to 3?
  • geez a wall banging catch in left as we get another warning track out.
  • Cora up to bat and he draws the walk. Up to Lugo to extend the inning.
  • Lugo walks bases are loaded for Youkilis
  • Doug makes a great catch to keep the score at 7 - 5. What was that saying about Doug, will save you 60 runs a year. He just might have save a couple there.

T 8th - Who will start the inning HID or Timlin?

  • Its Okajima to face the lefty Cano and Cano starts off in the hole 0 - 2. 3 pitches and we are 5 outs from salting this one away.
  • Phelps replaces the alpahabet man so here comes Timlin. You better have Papel-bot warming up, because I just don't trust Timlin any more.
  • Timlin gets Phelps to pop up to Lugo and we are 4 outs away.
  • Thompson goes down on a pop up to Youk 3 outs away but the #9, #1, and #2 hitters in the 9th for the spankees.

B 8th - Is Papel-bot warming up yet?

  • Farnsie gets Ortiz to Pop up on a 3-2 pitch.
  • Last year Farnsie put Ortiz and Manny in a slump for a month, I hope that doesn't repeat this year.
  • Manny gets a single to right. We could use one more run here just to make it more automatic for Papel-bot.
  • 5 for 7 with 3 home runs against Farnsie for J.d. Drew. Could use one of those right now. Ouch hits into a inning ending double play. I guarantee you won't see to many of those from Drew this year.

T 9th - Papel-bot time

  • Davidson blows the pitch on 2-2 because Damon was k'ed, but no harm as Lugo throws out Damon.
  • Melky up to bat - falls behind 2 - 0. 3 - 0 not looking good and he walks him on 4 pitches. Now the heat is on
  • Jeter 1 - 3 against Papel-bot. 1-1 after he missed on the first pitch. 1-2 as jeter is frozen on a good pitch. (96 mph). One in the dirt on a waste pitch. Jeter isn't going to chase need a good pitch here. 3 - 2 now on another close pitch, but it was outside. Jeter is k'ed but Melky takes second. 2 men down
  • Abreu up to bat, this is the guy you need to get. Has two walks against paps and 1 k. Fouled off the first pitch. 2nd pitch is hammered to center but Coco tracks it down and Papel-bot saves the game. Another win for Beckett who goes 4 - 0 and save #5 for Papel-bot.

Whew, anothe win for the good guys.

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