Sunday, April 08, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 5

Not much to say, Tavares was cruising then wham 4 runs scored putting the Sox behind 4 - 2. A Varitek double closes the gap to 4 - 3 and then wham Romero gives up 5 straight hits, including a 2 run homer to Sosa and the game is essentially over thanks to the anemic offense known as the Boston Red Sox.

All 5 starters have pitched with mixed results. Schilling blew up, Beckett was solid, Matsuzaka was brillant, Wakefield was a tough luck pitcher and tonight's fiasco. The first 5 games the starting pitchers have only produced 2 quality starts and our record is 1 - 1 in those 2 games. Not the type of start that this staff should have produced.

Schilling takes the mound for the last game of the road trip and the series. He needs to step up and provide a good performance to stop the bleeding or this becomes a disastrous road trip. A loss on Sunday will really hurt.

UPDATE: Press pass for this game located here.

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