Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Red Sox 07 Recap Game 20

Final Score - Bos 6 Baltimore 1

Hero - Curt Schilling went 7.0 innings threw ninety pitches allowing only one run (home run by Tejada).
Honorable Mention - Big Papi for his single in the seventh on an eleven pitch at bat against Walker that plated Wily Mo with the go ahead run.

Goat - Bradford who gave up an rbi single to Manny and then walked in a run on a bases loaded walk of Lowell.

Overall Curt set the stage by throwing a gem. His pitching to contact kept the Orioles off the score board and allowed the offense time to get to Cabrera and the implosion of the Oriole bullpen. Make no mistake this was Curt's game and he was not to be denied.

Cabrera looked good until the fifth and sixth innings. His walks were more of good hitting and patience.

What the heck was with Lugo? Not a wise move to p.o. the home plate umpire in a close game and fall behind 0 - 2 when you aren't even in the batters box.

I know Manny is struggling and wants to get his swing going but there are times you shouldn't be swinging. Cabrera has a history of getting wild (especially against the Sox) and in the third with two outs Youkilis doubled and then on 5 pitches (one which was a wild pitch) Ortiz walked. Manny grounds out on the first pitch. In the sixth inning Ortiz led off the inning with a 5 pitch walk, the last four balls thrown to him and again Manny swings at the first pitch fouling out to right.

Minor gripe and some will say I am just being anti-manny but I would do the same thing if it was any other player.

Okajima is nasty, plain and simple. Both Huff and Markakis were simply overmatched. Not with blinding speed but with where the pitch was coming from and where it was crossing the plate. I got the feeling they just have a hard time picking up the ball as it comes from his hand.

Good to see two clean innings by the pen after the fiasco of the last two nights. Hopefully, Beckett can give us 7 or 8 good innings tomorrow so that the pen will be well rested.

Red Sox press pass for this game here.

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