Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red Sox 07 Game 15 Recap

Final score - Boston 7 NYY 6

Hero - NESN gave it to Cora, but I feel like it was Coco. Seeing him jump on that cutter / fast ball that Mo throws, on the first pitch no less and having it blitz down the line into the corner making it a tie game and him standing on third being pumped got my heart racing. Without that triple they may still be playing this game.

Goat - Tough one to choose in a win, but it has to go to #38. He started out so well with an 8 pitch and 10 pitch 1st and 2nd inning only to lose control in the 3rd through 5th innings. Still am glad he didn't take the loss. Am equally glad that they were able to get to Mo in the 8th.

Besides my comments earlier during the game some other thoughts:

  1. Made Mo work but not too much as he still only threw 14 pitches. He was well rested coming into the series so will still be available the next two games.
  2. Lot of BS from the managers before this game about it being one of only 18 this year but I noticed a lot of managerial moves, with the biggest one being Mo for a 5 out save.
  3. I hope Wily Mo was watching J.D. Drew's at bat in the eighth. When the first two batters get on in an inning you have to move them over, not take a K.
  4. Speaking of Wily Mo, for those of you who are screaming that he should be playing every day, I hope you were watching his at bat in the seventh. Nothing but breaking balls and off speed stuff. He has to hit those if he wants to see his playing time increase.
  5. What was Mientkiewicz doing so far off the line in the eighth on Coco's triple. The Yankees scouting report must have been that Crisp is not able to get around on the fast ball, otherwise he would have been guarding the line during Coco's at bat.
  6. Schilling struggled badly, not good if you were expecting him to rise to the occasion. Still if every third outing is a stinker followed by two sterling starts this year I like his chances to do really well.
  7. What is with Manny going after the first pitch lately?
  8. Is Tito losing faith in Pedroia?
  9. Varitek seems to be hitting the ball better.
  10. Of the regular starters only J.D. Drew is hitting over .300, with Lowell at .296 and Papi at .291. I really wish Tito would change the batting order, because the bats need to wake up if we are going to take advantage of our pitchers going 7 or more innings.
  11. Okajima was the hero in the dark tonight.
  12. What was Sexy Lips talking to Daisuke about during the ninth?
  13. If it was just another game in a 162 game season why was the dugout fences lined with players gesturing, moaning, etc. in the eighth and ninth innings
Here's hoping Beckett brings his A-game tomorrow, because we can't afford a 9.45 ERA at this juncture.

Game 16 preview later, need to do some work now.

Press pass for this game is here.

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