Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 12

Press Pass for this game here.

Final Score - 2 -1

Hero - Chacin

Goat - Except for Coco and Pena the entire offense for the Sox.

Following are thoughts made during the game action:

3rd inning

  • Wily Mo leads off with homer to deep center field. Sox lead 1 - 0. Bottom 1st #9 hitter gets first hit off of Daisuke.

Bottom 4th

  • Lowell makes what seems to be an out on a bare handed throw (Vernon Wells), only to have it become the 2nd hit of the game against Daisuke. A walk to the big hurt followed by a single off the glove of Lugo and the score is tied at 1. Another walk loads the bases with still 1 out. Greg Zaun at the plate goes to 3 - 1, followed by ball 4 and the Jays lead 2 - 1. Clayton goes down swinging bringing up the 8th batter of the inning. Last out made on a deep fly ball to Coco. Whew - a base hit by Zaun, Clayton or Smith could have busted this wide open.

Bottom of 5th

  • Bouncing back from the horrible 4th, first 2 batters go down by the K. Vernon Wells is the 3rd hitter of the inning and the man who started the down ward spiral of the 4th and he goes down by the K.

Daisuke - goes 6 innings walking 3 (all in the 4th) and striking out 10. His third quality start of the season. Unfortunately for him, the team has holes in the bat all night long.

Top 7th

  • Chacin is pulled after two out single by Varitek. Sox had six hits off of Chacin, while Daisuke gave up 3 hits in his six innings. Wily Mo Pops up on first pitch from relief pitcher. Another quality outing by Chacin against the Sox.
  • Sox are 0 - 4 this year when trailing after six innings.

Bottom 7th

  • Okajima replaces Daisuke, only half of the tvs in Japan switch channels.
  • Okajima K's the side. Think he would like to have that first pitch in KC back?

Top of 8th

  • How about we get the bats heated up? Pedroia to start the 8th.
  • What? J.D. starts the 8th and immediately he goes to 3 - 0 and gets the BB on 5 pitches.
  • 1st walk of the evening for the Jay pitchers, Sac bunt by Lugo?
  • Wily Mo has no plate discipline in my opinion.
  • Lugo goes to 3 - 0, Remdawg says take two strikes, sounds like a plan to me.
  • Lugo hits it hard but because J.D. is running its a double play on the line drive. Thus ends the threat as the last batter of the 8th will be Coco, who tries to lay down the first pitch for a bunt hit.
  • Coco gets his 2nd hit of the night. Papi needs to take a pitch or two to see if Crisp can steal.
  • Time to go get the daughter from dance class.

Top of 9th

  • Manny goes down. Pitcher who can't get out lefties? Why is Hinske still on the bench.
  • Lowell makes the final out and once again the Sox go down weakly to Chacin.
  • Toronto 1/2 game up in the division and the Spankees are killing Cleveland.

Final 2 - 1.

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