Thursday, April 05, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 3

Well, colored me surprised. Only was able to hear parts of the first 7+ innings on the radio, but what I heard was very encouraging. I got home just in time to see the bottom of the 8 and the 9th inning, so I didn't get to see the national obsession pitch. So, don't ask me how he looked because I don't know, but the boys on the radio made it sound like not only was he in control but he had the Royals guessing on each at bat.

I said 110 pitches and he went 108, however I thought that would be in 6 innings not 7. At Seth's I had a line of 5 2/3, 3 hits, 4 walks, 6 k's , and 3 runs with 2 being earned. So, really the only thing surprising to me is the 7 innings and he did seem to have a good idea of the strike zone.

Glad to see Pedroia is doing well at the plate, if he can get 3 or 4 more hits in Texas his first time up at Fenway should be a good reception. Varitek looks lost at the plate, I mean like he is on the island lost. Coco has hit the ball well, but usually right at someone, so was good to hear him get the hit that provided an insurance run and was the final run scored in the game. Now he needs to crank it up in Texas.

All in all, what you want when you visit KC right now, take 2 out of 3 all year long and you will be in very good shape.

Game 4 preview later.

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