Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Recap MLB 07 - Game 13

Final Score 4 - 1 Sox, Wakefield wins his 2nd and Papelbon gets his 3rd save. HR's by Lowell, Mirabelli and Ortiz.

Hero - Lowell for breaking up the no hitter with the 2 out Homer in the 5th. I almost gave it to Mirabelli for knockin in 2 of the 4 runs, but Lowell's homer seemed to say, look, we can hit this guy.

Goat - None, a very crisp game for both teams with no errors and good pitching. 2:24 time for the game so this one really moved along well.

Yo, Tito, did you notice how uncomfortable Crisp looked again. Please, I beg of you, move him into the second slot or just admit that you are sabotaging his season so that Ellsbury can start in CF.

Good pitching by Donnelly and Papelbon. Though Papel-bot did make it interesting by giving up his first single and walking his first batter this season. Now, hopefully the game tomorrow won't require his services so that he is fully rested for the Yankee series.

Tomorrow's preview up shortly.

Today's press pass is here.

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